Package: envoy.config.filter.http.aws_lambda.v2


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AWS Lambda contains the configuration necessary to perform transform regular http calls to AWS Lambda invocations.

"name": string
"qualifier": string
"async": bool
"emptyBodyOverride": .google.protobuf.StringValue

Field Type Description Default
name string The name of the function.
qualifier string The qualifier of the function (defaults to $LATEST if not specified).
async bool Invocation type - async or regular.
emptyBodyOverride .google.protobuf.StringValue Optional default body if the body is empty. By default on default body is used if the body empty, and an empty body will be sent upstream.


"host": string
"region": string
"accessKey": string
"secretKey": string

Field Type Description Default
host string The host header for AWS this cluster.
region string The region for this cluster.
accessKey string The access_key for AWS this cluster.
secretKey string The secret_key for AWS this cluster.


"useDefaultCredentials": .google.protobuf.BoolValue

Field Type Description Default
useDefaultCredentials .google.protobuf.BoolValue Use AWS default credentials chain to get credentials. This will search environment variables, ECS metadata and instance metadata to get the credentials. credentials will be rotated automatically. If credentials are provided on the cluster (using the AWSLambdaProtocolExtension), it will override these credentials. This defaults to false, but may change in the future to true.