Package: envoy.config.wasm.v2


Source File: github.com/solo-io/gloo/projects/gloo/api/external/envoy/api/v2/config/wasm/wasm.proto


Configuration for a Wasm VM. [#next-free-field: 6]

"vmId": string
"runtime": string
"code": .envoy.api.v2.core.AsyncDataSource
"configuration": string
"allowPrecompiled": bool

Field Type Description Default
vmId string An ID which will be used along with a hash of the wasm code (or null_vm_id) to determine which VM will be used for the plugin. All plugins which use the same vm_id and code will use the same VM. May be left blank.
runtime string The Wasm runtime type (see source/extensions/commmon/wasm/well_known_names.h).
code .envoy.api.v2.core.AsyncDataSource The Wasm code that Envoy will execute.
configuration string The Wasm configuration string used on initialization of a new VM (proxy_onStart).
allowPrecompiled bool Allow the wasm file to include pre-compiled code on VMs which support it.


Base Configuration for Wasm Plugins, e.g. filters and services.

"name": string
"rootId": string
"vmConfig": .envoy.config.wasm.v2.VmConfig
"configuration": string

Field Type Description Default
name string A unique name for a filters/services in a VM for use in identifiying the filter/service if multiple filters/services are handled by the same vm_id and root_id and for logging/debugging.
rootId string A unique ID for a set of filters/services in a VM which will share a RootContext and Contexts if applicable (e.g. an Wasm HttpFilter and an Wasm AccessLog). If left blank, all filters/services with a blank root_id with the same vm_id will share Context(s).
vmConfig .envoy.config.wasm.v2.VmConfig Configuration for finding or starting VM.
configuration string Filter/service configuration string e.g. a serialized protobuf which will be the argument to the proxy_onConfigure() call.


WasmService is configured as a built-in envoy.wasm_service ServiceConfig (envoy_api_msg_config.wasm.v2.ServiceConfig). This opaque configuration will be used to create a Wasm Service.

"config": .envoy.config.wasm.v2.PluginConfig
"singleton": bool
"statPrefix": string

Field Type Description Default
config .envoy.config.wasm.v2.PluginConfig General plugin configuration.
singleton bool If true, create a single VM rather than creating one VM per silo. Such a singleton can not be used with filters.
statPrefix string If set add ‘stat_prefix’ as a prefix to all stats.