Package: envoy.extensions.wasm.v3

Copied from https://github.com/envoyproxy/envoy/blob/edc016b1fa5adca3ebd3d7020eaed0ad7b8814ca/api/envoy/extensions/wasm/v3/wasm.proto


Source File: envoy/extensions/wasm/v3/wasm.proto


Configuration for a Wasm VM. [#next-free-field: 6]

"vmId": string
"runtime": string
"code": .envoy.config.core.v3.AsyncDataSource
"configuration": .google.protobuf.Any
"allowPrecompiled": bool

Field Type Description Default
vmId string An ID which will be used along with a hash of the wasm code (or the name of the registered Null VM plugin) to determine which VM will be used for the plugin. All plugins which use the same vm_id and code will use the same VM. May be left blank. Sharing a VM between plugins can reduce memory utilization and make sharing of data easier which may have security implications. See ref: “TODO: add ref” for details.
runtime string The Wasm runtime type (either “v8” or “null” for code compiled into Envoy).
code .envoy.config.core.v3.AsyncDataSource The Wasm code that Envoy will execute.
configuration .google.protobuf.Any The Wasm configuration used in initialization of a new VM (proxy_on_start).
allowPrecompiled bool Allow the wasm file to include pre-compiled code on VMs which support it. Warning: this should only be enable for trusted sources as the precompiled code is not verified.


Base Configuration for Wasm Plugins e.g. filters and services. [#next-free-field: 6]

"name": string
"rootId": string
"vmConfig": .envoy.extensions.wasm.v3.VmConfig
"configuration": .google.protobuf.Any
"failOpen": bool

Field Type Description Default
name string A unique name for a filters/services in a VM for use in identifying the filter/service if multiple filters/services are handled by the same vm_id and group_name and for logging/debugging.
rootId string A unique ID for a set of filters/services in a VM which will share a RootContext and Contexts if applicable (e.g. an Wasm HttpFilter and an Wasm AccessLog). If left blank, all filters/services with a blank root_id with the same vm_id will share Context(s).
vmConfig .envoy.extensions.wasm.v3.VmConfig
configuration .google.protobuf.Any Filter/service configuration used to configure or reconfigure a plugin (proxy_on_configuration).
failOpen bool If there is a fatal error on the VM (e.g. exception, abort(), on_start or on_configure return false), then all plugins associated with the VM will either fail closed (by default), e.g. by returning an HTTP 503 error, or fail open (if ‘fail_open’ is set to true) by bypassing the filter. Note: when on_start or on_configure return false during xDS updates the xDS configuration will be rejected and when on_start or on_configuration return false on initial startup the proxy will not start.


WasmService is configured as a built-in envoy.wasm_service :ref:ServiceConfig <envoy_api_msg_extensions.wasm.v3.WasmService>. This opaque configuration will be used to create a Wasm Service.

"config": .envoy.extensions.wasm.v3.PluginConfig
"singleton": bool

Field Type Description Default
config .envoy.extensions.wasm.v3.PluginConfig General plugin configuration.
singleton bool If true, create a single VM rather than creating one VM per worker. Such a singleton can not be used with filters.