What is Gloo?

Gloo is a feature-rich, Kubernetes-native ingress controller, and next-generation API gateway. Gloo is exceptional in its function-level routing; its support for legacy apps, microservices and serverless; its discovery capabilities; its numerous features; and its tight integration with leading open-source projects. Gloo is uniquely designed to support hybrid applications, in which multiple technologies, architectures, protocols, and clouds can coexist.

Gloo Architecture

What makes Gloo unique?

Routing Features

Why Gloo?

Gloo makes it easy to solve your challenges of managing ingress traffic into your application architectures (not just Kubernetes) regardless of where they run. Backend services can be discovered when running or registered in Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, VMs, EC2, Consul, et. al. Gloo is so powerful it was also selected to be the first alternative ingress endpoint for the KNative project. Please see the Gloo announcement for more on its origin.

Next Steps