Gloo Gateway

Install the Gloo Gateway

There are two primary ways to install the Gloo Gateway in production:

Kubernetes Install the Gloo Gateway on Kubernetes, using Kubernetes Custom Resources to configure routing.
HashiCorp Run Gloo on a HashiCorp Nomad Cluster, using Consul for configuration and Vault for secret storage.

The Enterprise version of Gloo can be installed using the following guide:

Gloo Enterprise Gloo Enterprise is based on the open-source Gloo Gateway with additional (closed source) UI and plugins.

You also install Gloo Gateway in a development scenario on your local workstation using one of the following guides:

Docker with HashiCorp Run Gloo locally with Docker Compose, using HashiCorp Consul for configuration and HashiCorp Vault for secret storage.
Docker with files Run Gloo locally with Docker Compose, using yaml files which are mounted to the Gloo container for configuration and secret storage.