Gloo read-only UI

While the full Gloo UI remains an enterprise feature, open-source Gloo can be optionally installed with a read-only version of the UI as a demo.

Additionally, Gloo Enterprise customers can also tighten the permissions of their Gloo UI, which can be helpful to provide users insight into the state of Gloo without giving them admin-level permissions typically held by the Gloo UI backend service.

Once installed, access the read-only UI with glooctl ui or glooctl dashboard.

Install Gloo OSS Read-Only UI

Along with each release of Gloo Enterprise, we build and release a helm chart that deploys open-source Gloo alongside a read-only version of the UI. The helm chart is located at

To install this version with glooctl, use the --with-admin-console flag, for example:

glooctl install gateway --with-admin-console

With helm, add the following repo:

helm repo add gloo-os-with-ui

and install it:

helm install gloo gloo-os-with-ui/gloo-os-with-ui --namespace gloo-system

helm install --name gloo gloo-os-with-ui/gloo-os-with-ui --namespace my-namespace --set crds.create=true

Install Gloo Enterprise Read-Only UI

To install full Gloo Enterprise (including extauth, ratelimiting, Envoy with enterprise-only Envoy filters) with the read-only UI, install Gloo with the following helm value override:

# This makes Gloo install the UI in read-only mode
  enterprise: false