Gloo exposes a lot of metrics from both the data plane (Envoy) as well as the control plane components. These metrics are available in Open Source Gloo, and can be scraped into a standard metrics backend like Prometheus.

Enterprise Gloo comes with a few extra enhancements around observability. First, it installs by default with a prometheus server to scrape all of the Gloo metrics, and a Grafana instance to provide dashboards from those metrics. Alternatively, customers may wish to use their own Prometheus and Grafana deployments and integrate Gloo with those.

Gloo Enterprise comes with a built-in grafana dashboard to show a high-level health of the Envoy proxy, and also comes with a component called observability that dynamically creates a new Grafana dashboard for each Gloo Upstream.

Example dashboard that Gloo provides, showing a service going down briefly and then recovering (click to enlarge): Example Dashboards