Developer Guides


Gloo invites invites developers to extend Gloo’s functionality and adapt to new use cases via the addition of plugins.

Gloo’s plugin based architecture makes it easy to extend functionality in a variety of areas:

Gloo API Concepts

A single proxy CRD contains all the configuration necessary to be applied to an instance of Envoy. In the Gloo system, Proxies are treated as an intermediary representation of config, while user-facing config is imported from simpler, more opinionated resources such as the gateway.VirtualService or Kubernetes Ingress objects.

For this reason, a standard Gloo deployment contains one or more controllers which programmatically generate and write these CRDs to provide simpler, use-case specific APIs such as API Gateway and Ingress. Sqoop is an advanced controller which creates routing configuration for Gloo from GraphQL Schemas.

Click here for a tutorial providing a simple example utilizing this lower-level Proxy API. This tutorial will walk you through building a Kubernetes controller to automatically configure Gloo without any user interaction](example-proxy-controller.go).


This Section includes the following developer guides:

Note: the Controller tutorial does not require modifying any Gloo code.