Single cluster

  1. Uninstall the Gloo Network release.

      helm uninstall gloo-mesh-core -n gloo-mesh
  2. Uninstall any Gloo CRDs, such as by deleting the CRD Helm release.

      helm uninstall gloo-platform-crds -n gloo-mesh

    If you do not have a CRD Helm release, check for and manually remove any CRDs.

      kubectl get crds | grep solo
    kubectl delete crd <$CRD>
  3. Delete the gloo-mesh namespace.

      kubectl delete namespace gloo-mesh


  1. Save the names and contexts of the clusters you want to uninstall Gloo Network from.

      export MGMT_CLUSTER=<management-cluster>
    export REMOTE_CLUSTER1=<remote-cluster1>
    export REMOTE_CLUSTER2=<remote-cluster2>
      export MGMT_CONTEXT=<management-cluster-context>
    export REMOTE_CONTEXT1=<remote-cluster1-context>
    export REMOTE_CONTEXT2=<remote-cluster2-context>
  2. Uninstall the Gloo agent that runs on each workload cluster.

  3. Delete the gloo-mesh namespaces from each workload cluster.

      kubectl --context $REMOTE_CONTEXT1 delete namespace gloo-mesh
    kubectl --context $REMOTE_CONTEXT2 delete namespace gloo-mesh
  4. Uninstall the Gloo management plane components from the management cluster.

      helm uninstall gloo-platform -n gloo-mesh --kube-context $MGMT_CONTEXT
    helm uninstall gloo-platform-crds -n gloo-mesh --kube-context $MGMT_CONTEXT
  5. Delete the gloo-mesh namespace.

      kubectl --context $MGMT_CONTEXT delete namespace gloo-mesh