Installation Helm chart

All components for a full Gloo Network for Cilium installation are available in the gloo-platform Helm chart.

You can see all possible fields that you can set for the chart by running the following command.

  helm show values gloo-platform/gloo-platform --version v2.5.0 > all-values.yaml

For more information about each field, see the Helm values documentation. To set up Gloo Network with Helm, see the advanced installation guide.

CRD Helm chart

All CRDs that are required for a Gloo Network installation are available in the gloo-platform-crds Helm chart.

By default, this Helm chart installs all CRDs that are available in Gloo Platform, including CRDs that you can use only if you have a Gloo Mesh Enterprise or Gloo Mesh Gateway license. To install only the CRDs that are relevant to Gloo Network, set installEnterpriseCrds to false. To see all CRD installation options, see the Helm values documentation.

When you set installEnterpriseCrds to false, the following CRDs are installed:

If you already installed the chart, you can run kubectl get crds -A | grep to see the installed CRDs.