Enable Cilium flow logs

If your cluster uses the Cilium CNI, such as when you installed Gloo Network, you can enable Cilium flow logs in the Gloo OpenTelemetry pipeline. Then, you can use the meshctl hubble observe command to gain visibility into network and protocol flows, such as individual TCP connections, DNS queries, or HTTP requests.

  1. Follow the steps to get your current Helm values.

  2. Enable the default logs/cilium_flows pipeline in the Gloo telemetry collector agents by adding the following configuration to your Helm values file.

          enabled: true
  3. Follow the steps to upgrade and verify your Helm installation.

  4. Verify that the settings were added to the Gloo telemetry collector configmap.

    kubectl get configmap gloo-telemetry-collector-config -n gloo-mesh -o yaml
  5. Perform a rollout restart of the telemetry collector daemon set to force your configmap changes to be applied in the collector agent pods.

    kubectl rollout restart -n gloo-mesh daemonset/gloo-telemetry-collector-agent
  6. Explore and use the meshctl hubble observe command to view flow logs.