What is a CNI?

Learn about what a container network interface (CNI) is and how a CNI is used in Kubernetes.

What is Cilium and eBPF?

Learn how eBPF programs are used in Cilium to enhance the capabilities of the Cilium CNI.

About Gloo Network

Review the architecture and benefits of Gloo Network and how it can help you control network traffic for your microservices.

Gloo Platform overview

Take a look at how Gloo Network integrates into the Gloo Platform architecture.

Multitenancy with workspaces

Learn how Gloo Network uses Gloo workspaces to control what Kubernetes resources a team can access, including the pods and services in your cluster, and the network policies that you apply to them.


View options for how to monitor network traffic in your cluster and see metrics for your microservices.