Gloo Network documentation

Welcome to the Gloo Network documentation! Here you can find guides, code samples, architectural diagrams, best practices, tutorials, API references, and more for how to use Cilium as your Kubernetes cluster CNI and enforce network policies for your microservices.

Get started

Get started with installing the Gloo Network Cilium CNI in your Kubernetes cluster and configuring network policies for your microservices.


Learn more about the architecture and benefits of Gloo Network, what Cilium and eBPF are, and how you can achieve network security for your microservices.


Install Gloo Network and organize team resources with Gloo workspaces.

Control network traffic with policies

Control access for your microservices by setting up network policies.

Monitor network traffic

View and analyze network traffic for your microservices by using Prometheus and the Gloo UI.


Review Gloo Network APIs, Helm chart values, and CLI commands that you can use to work with Gloo Network.