meshctl cluster deregister community

meshctl cluster deregister community

Remove the community certificate agent

meshctl cluster deregister community [cluster name] [flags]


  # Deregister the current context
  meshctl cluster deregister community mgmt-cluster

  # Deregister a different context when the current one is the management cluster
  meshctl cluster deregister community remote-cluster


      --api-server-address string   Swap out the address of the remote cluster's k8s API server for the value of this flag. Set this flag when the address of the cluster domain used by the Gloo Mesh is different than that specified in the local kubeconfig.
  -h, --help                        help for community

Options inherited from parent commands

      --cluster-name string       name of the cluster to deregister
      --kubeconfig string         path to the kubeconfig from which the registered cluster will be accessed
      --mgmt-context string       name of the kubeconfig context to use for the management cluster
      --mgmt-namespace string     namespace of the Gloo Mesh control plane in which the secret for the deregistered cluster will be created (default "gloo-mesh")
      --remote-context string     name of the kubeconfig context to use for the remote cluster
      --remote-namespace string   namespace in the target cluster where a service account enabling remote access will be created. If the namespace does not exist it will be created. (default "gloo-mesh")
  -v, --verbose                   Enable verbose logging