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The Workload is an abstraction for a workload/client which mesh-discovery has discovered to be part of a given mesh (i.e. its traffic is managed by an in-mesh sidecar).

Field Type Label Description
kubernetes Information describing workloads backed by Kubernetes Pods.
mesh The mesh with which this workload is associated.
appMesh Appmesh specific metadata.


Information relevant to AppMesh-injected workloads.

Field Type Label Description
virtualNodeName string The value of the env var APPMESH_VIRTUAL_NODE_NAME on the Appmesh envoy proxy container.
ports [] repeated Needed for declaring Appmesh VirtualNode listeners.


k8s application container ports.

Field Type Label Description
port uint32
protocol string


Information describing a Kubernetes-based workload (e.g. a Deployment or DaemonSet).

Field Type Label Description
controller Resource ref to the underlying kubernetes controller which is managing the pods associated with the workloads. It has the generic name controller as it can represent a deployment, daemonset, or statefulset.
podLabels [] repeated These are the labels directly from the pods that this controller owns. NB: these labels are read directly from the pod template metadata.labels defined in the workload spec. We need these to determine which services are backed by this workload.
serviceAccountName string Service account attached to the pods owned by this controller.


Field Type Label Description
key string
value string


Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 The observed generation of the Workload. When this matches the Workload's metadata.generation it indicates that mesh-networking has reconciled the latest version of the Workload.