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When certificates are issued, pods may need to be bounced (restarted) to ensure they pick up the new certificates. If so, the certificate Issuer will create a PodBounceDirective containing the namespaces and labels of the pods that need to be bounced in order to pick up the new certs.

Field Type Label Description
podsToBounce []certificates.mesh.gloo.solo.io.PodBounceDirectiveSpec.PodSelector repeated A list of k8s pods to bounce (delete and cause a restart) when the certificate is issued. This will include the control plane pods as well as any pods which share a data plane with the target mesh.


Pods that will be restarted.

Field Type Label Description
namespace string The namespace in which the pods live.
labels []certificates.mesh.gloo.solo.io.PodBounceDirectiveSpec.PodSelector.LabelsEntry repeated Any labels shared by the pods.


Field Type Label Description
key string
value string