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The approval status of a policy that has been applied to a discovery resource.

Field Type Label Description
acceptanceOrder uint32 AcceptanceOrder represents the order in which the Policy was accepted and applied to a discovery resource. The first accepted policy will have an acceptance_order of 0, the second 1, etc. When conflicts are detected in the system, the Policy with the lowest acceptance_order will be chosen (and all other conflicting policies will be rejected).
state The result of attempting to apply the policy to the discovery resource, reported by the Policy controller (mesh-networking).
errors []string repeated Any errors observed which prevented the resource from being Accepted.


State of a Policy resource reflected in the status by Gloo Mesh while processing a resource.

Name Number Description
PENDING 0 Resources are in a Pending state before they have been processed by Gloo Mesh.
ACCEPTED 1 Resources are in a Accepted state when they are valid and have been applied successfully to the Gloo Mesh configuration.
INVALID 2 Resources are in an Invalid state when they contain incorrect configuration parameters, such as missing required values or invalid resource references. An invalid state can also result when a resource's configuration is valid but conflicts with another resource which was accepted in an earlier point in time.
FAILED 3 Resources are in a Failed state when they contain correct configuration parameters, but the server encountered an error trying to synchronize the system to the desired state.