RedisĀ®* 1 is an open source, in-memory data structure store. For more information, see the Redis docs.

Gloo uses Redis as the backing database for many components. When you install Gloo, different Redis instances are deployed by default. You can also bring your own Redis instance. These Redis instances might be deployed locally to your cluster with Redis Enterprise, hosted in Redis Cloud, or provided by a Redis API Compatible Service such as AWS ElastiCache or Google Cloud Memorystore.

For more information, see the following resources:

  • The Backing databases guides for each Gloo component walk you through your options to configure Redis as a backing database for the various Gloo components. These guides include the following details:
    • An overview of what data gets stored for the Gloo component.
    • Instructions to configure different backing databases, including bring-your-own Redis.
    • Provider-specific considerations for configuring the instances that back that Gloo component.
  • Relay architecture, which explains how the management server, agent, and backing Redis database work together to maintain the desired state of your environment.
  • Size and memory system requirements, which suggest different Redis instance sizes based on the size of your environment and the Gloo management plane.

Backing databases for each Gloo component

You can configure the backing database for the following Gloo components:

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