meshctl logs

Print all Gloo logs or logs for a specific component.


Print Gloo logs or logs for a specific component. Optionally specify a log level to filter by. Possible target components are:

  • Gloo management server: “mgmt”, “management”
  • UI: “ui”
  • Gloo agent: “agent”
  • External auth server: “ext-auth”
  • Rate limiting server: “rate-limiter”
  • Gloo telemetry collector agent: “telemetryCollector”
  • Gloo telemetry gateway: “telemetryGateway”
  meshctl logs TARGET [-l LOGLEVEL] [--since DURATION] [flags]


  meshctl logs -l warn --since 2h

meshctl logs agent


        --addons-namespace string   Gloo Mesh addons namespace. (default "gloo-mesh-addons")
  -h, --help                      help for logs
  -l, --level string              Filter logs by a specific log level. (default "all")
      --since duration            Only return logs newer than a relative duration, such as 5s, 2m, or 3h. Defaults to 24h. (default 24h0m0s)

Options inherited from parent commands

        --kubeconfig string    Path to the kubeconfig file for the cluster.
      --kubecontext string   Kubernetes context for the cluster to run the command in.
  -n, --namespace string     Namespace to run the command in. (default "gloo-mesh")
      --plain                Disable styling for terminal output.
  -v, --verbose              Enable verbose logging.


  • meshctl - Use the meshctl command line interface (CLI) tool to set up and manage Gloo products in your environment.