meshctl license check

Check the validity of your Gloo product license.


Check the validity of your product license key, the Gloo products or add-ons that it allows you to use, and its expiration date.

You can check multiple license keys by listing the keys in base64 in a comma-separated list: meshctl license check –key LXcwIGxpY2Vuc2UxCg==,LXcwIGxpY2Vuc2UyCg==

If you store your license keys in a Kubernetes secret, you can pass the secret YAML file in the –secrets-file flag: meshctl license check –secrets-file license-keys.yaml

  meshctl license check [flags]


    -h, --help                  help for check
      --key strings           License key in base64 format. You can provide multiple keys in a comma-separated list.
      --secrets-file string   Kubernetes secret file that contains license keys.

Options inherited from parent commands

        --kubeconfig string    Path to the kubeconfig file for the cluster.
      --kubecontext string   Kubernetes context for the cluster to run the command in.
  -n, --namespace string     Namespace to run the command in. (default "gloo-mesh")
      --plain                Disable styling for terminal output.
  -v, --verbose              Enable verbose logging.