Allow OTel collector agents to gather metadata about the compute instances that the workload cluster is deployed to, and add the metadata as labels on the metrics it scrapes. This compute instance metadata helps you better visualize your Gloo Mesh Gateway setup across your cloud provider infrastructure network. For example, if you deploy workload clusters across multiple cloud providers, you can more easily see how your Gloo resources are deployed across your compute instances in the Gloo UI.

Step 1: Enable infrastructure settings in your cloud provider

Step 2: Enable metadata collection in the Gloo telemetry pipeline

Step 3: Visualize your setup

Launch the Gloo UI to view compute metadata.

  1. Access the Gloo UI.
      meshctl dashboard --kubecontext $MGMT_CONTEXT
  2. Click the Graph tab to open the network visualization graph for your Gloo Mesh Gateway setup.
  3. From the footer toolbar, click Layout Settings.
  4. Toggle Group By to INFRA to review the clusters, virtual machines, and Kubernetes namespaces that your app nodes are organized in. This view also shows details for the cloud provider infrastructure, such as the VPCs and subnets that your resources are deployed to. You can see more compute network details by clicking on resource icons, which opens the resource’s details pane.