Proto: ratelimit_server_settings.proto



RateLimitServerSettings is an optional resource used to configure how a client (i.e. a sidecar or gateway proxy) connects to a rate limit server. If no RateLimitServerSetting is selected in a RatelimitPolicy, a default configuration will be used.


The ratelimit service to ask about ratelimit decisions. The provided reference will be used to search for a service of the given name/namespace on the cluster the traffic policy is applied on
If omitted, Gloo Mesh will search for a service with the name rate-limiter in the gloo-mesh namespace.

The timeout in milliseconds for the rate limit service RPC. Defaults to 100ms. Behaviour after request timeout is reached is set by deny_on_fail. For information about the value format, see the Google protocol buffer documentation.

Behaviour in case the rate limiting service does not respond back. When it is set to true, Envoy will not allow traffic in case of communication failure between rate limiting service and the proxy. Defaults to false


The current status of the RateLimitServerSettings.


The most recent generation observed in the RateLimitServerSettings metadata. If the observedGeneration does not match metadata.generation, Gloo Mesh has not processed the most recent version of this resource.

Whether the resource has been accepted as valid and processed in the Gloo Mesh config translation.