Use the Gloo operations dashboard to monitor the health of your Gloo Mesh Gateway environment, such as the average translation and reconciliation time for the Gloo management server, or translation errors that occured. When you install a Gloo product, the built-in Prometheus server is configured with default alerts that are automatically populated into the operations dashboard when they occur.

To learn more about the dashboard and preview how it looks like, see Operations dashboard.

Before you begin

Set up and access Grafana in your cluster. If you have an existing Grafana instance, you can skip this step.

Import the operations dashboard

  1. Download the JSON file that holds the configuration for the operations dashboard.
  2. From the Grafana menu, select + > Import.
  3. Click Upload JSON file and select the file for the Gloo operations dashboard that you downloaded.
  4. Select prometheus-gloo-platform as the Grafana data source.
  5. Click Import to open the operations dashboard.
  6. Explore default Gloo management server metrics and Gloo Mesh Gateway alerts that you can explore in the operations dashboard.