These sample apps are used throughout the documentation to help test connectivity, such as in the traffic management, security, and resiliency policy guides.


  1. Create the bookinfo namespace.

  2. Deploy the Bookinfo app.

      # deploy bookinfo application components for all versions less than v3
    kubectl -n bookinfo apply -f -l 'app,version notin (v3)'
    # deploy an updated product page with extra container utilities such as 'curl' and 'netcat'
    kubectl -n bookinfo apply -f
    # deploy all bookinfo service accounts
    kubectl -n bookinfo apply -f -l 'account'
  3. Verify that the Bookinfo app is deployed successfully.

      kubectl get pods -n bookinfo
    kubectl get svc -n bookinfo


The httpbin sample app is a simple tool to test HTTP requests and responses. Unlike curl, you can see not only the response headers, but also the request headers.

  1. Create an httpbin namespace.

  2. Deploy the httpbin app.

      kubectl -n httpbin apply -f
  3. Verify that the httpbin app is running.

      kubectl -n httpbin get pods


Create an HTTP listener on your gateway and set up routing for the sample apps.