Gloo Mesh Gateway health

Gloo UI

View the configuration and status of Gloo custom resources, such as the Istio lifecycle manager. You can also view the health of the clusters that are registered with the Gloo management server. To monitor the health of your Gloo Mesh Gateway components, such as the Gloo management server or Gloo telemetry collector agent, use the Gloo UI log viewer to view, filter, search, or download logs for these components.


Use the Prometheus expression browser to run PromQL queries to analyze and aggregate Gloo Mesh Gateway metrics. To view metrics that are collected by default, see Gloo management server metrics. To view the alerts that are automatically set up for you, see Alerts.

Operations dashboard

Quickly see critical metrics and alerts for Gloo Mesh Gateway components and processes, such as connected workload clusters, Gloo resources that could not be translated, the translation and reconciliation time, or the resource consumption of the Gloo management server and agent pods.

Ingress gateway

Gloo UI

View the componts of your gateway setup and the Gloo resources that you applied to them, such as route tables and policies. To monitor the traffic to your gateway, you can access the Gloo UI Graph.


The Gloo telemetry pipeline collects Istio metrics from the ingress gateway proxy and exposes those metrics so that the built-in Prometheus server can scrape them. To view the metrics that are collected by default, see Istio proxy metrics. You can access these metrics by running PromQL queries in the Prometheus expression browser. To find example queries that you can run, see Ingress gateway queries.

Istio access logs

Leverage the default Envoy access log collector to record logs for the apps that send requests to the Istio ingress gateway. You can review these logs to troubleshoot issues as-needed, or scrape these logs to view them in your larger platform logging system.