The following pages provide reference documentation for Helm values for the various Gloo Mesh components. These components include:

  1. Gloo Mesh: Core components of Gloo Mesh Open Source, which Gloo Mesh Enterprise is built on.
  2. Gloo Mesh UI: The Gloo Mesh Enterprise UI, which includes the Dashboard and Redis subcomponents.
  3. Enterprise Networking: The management plane of Gloo Mesh Enterprise, deployed on the management cluster.
  4. Enterprise Agent: The agent of Gloo Mesh Enterprise, deployed on each remote cluster.
  5. RBAC Webhook: The Kubernetes webhook that enforces Gloo Mesh Enterprise's role-based API.

Note that when providing Helm values for the bundled Gloo Mesh Enterprise chart located at https://storage.googleapis.com/gloo-mesh-enterprise/gloo-mesh-enterprise, values for each subchart must be prefixed accordingly:

  1. Values for the RBAC Webhook must be prefixed with “rbac-webhook”.
  2. Values for Enterprise Networking must be prefixed with “enterprise-networking”.
  3. Values for the Gloo Mesh UI must be prefixed with “gloo-mesh-ui”.

The following is an example of how to set values for subcharts:

helm install gloo-mesh-enterprise gloo-mesh-enterprise/gloo-mesh-enterprise
–namespace gloo-mesh
–set licenseKey=${GLOO_MESH_LICENSE_KEY}
–set rbac-webhook.enabled=true –set enterprise-networking.enterpriseNetworking.floatingUserId=true
–set gloo-mesh-ui.dashboard.floatingUserId.floatingUserId=true
–set gloo-mesh-ui.redis-dashboard.redisDashboard.floatingUserId=true