Gloo Mesh Enterprise

In this section, you can find reference documentation to help you customize the Helm values for various Gloo Mesh Enterprise components.

The following table provides an overview of the Gloo Mesh Helm chart components. You might want to modify some of these charts’ values for your Gloo Mesh setup.

Component Prefix Description
Gloo Mesh UI gloo-mesh-ui The Gloo Mesh Enterprise UI, which includes the Dashboard and Redis subcomponents.
Dashboard gloo-mesh-ui.dashboard A subchart of the Gloo Mesh UI to render the dashboard that you can launch with the meshctl dashboard command.
Redis gloo-mesh-ui.redis-dashboard An optional subchart of the Gloo Mesh UI to store the ID tokens to use to log in to the dashboard.
Enterprise networking enterprise-networking The management plane of Gloo Mesh Enterprise, deployed on the management cluster.
Enterprise agent N/A The agent of Gloo Mesh Enterprise, deployed on each remote cluster.
RBAC webhook rbac-webook The Kubernetes webhook that enforces Gloo Mesh Enterprise's role-based API.

For more information, see Modifying Helm chart values.