meshctl external-workload bug-report

Generate a bug report.


Generate a bug report containing diagnostic information required to troubleshoot issues. If you do not include the ‘–out’ or ‘-o’ flag, the bug report is generated as a compressed tar file in the tar.gz format. To use a different archive format, specify the output file with its extension type, which determines the archive and compression formats.

Supported compression formats:

  • brotli (.br)
  • bzip2 (.bz2)
  • flate (.zip)
  • gzip (.gz)
  • lz4 (.lz4)
  • snappy (.sz)
  • xz (.xz)
  • zlib (.zz)
  • zstandard (.zst)

Supported archive formats:

  • .zip
  • .tar (including any compressed variants like .tar.gz)
  • .rar (read-only)
  • .7z (read-only)
  meshctl external-workload bug-report [flags]


  # Generate a bug report:
	meshctl external-workload bug-report

# Generate a bug report at /tmp/bug-report.tar.gz:
	meshctl external-workload bug-report --out /tmp/bug-report.tar.gz


    -f, --force        Overwrite existing bug report archive
  -h, --help         help for bug-report
  -o, --out string   Path to bug report archive

Options inherited from parent commands

        --kubeconfig string    Path to the kubeconfig file for the cluster.
      --kubecontext string   Kubernetes context for the cluster to run the command in.
  -n, --namespace string     Namespace to run the command in. (default "gloo-mesh")
      --plain                Disable styling for terminal output.
  -v, --verbose              Enable verbose logging.