Proto: istio_helm.proto



Global configuration values for Helm-based Istio lifecycle agent deployments.


The base URL to the Helm repository that stores the Istio charts. Currently, only OCI registries are supported. Because of that, the base URL must begin with oci://. This base URL is used to construct the URLs for specific charts. For example, if you specify oci:// as the base URL, it is used to construct the URL to a specific chart, such as oci://
If no base URL is specified, the IstioLifecycleManager attempts to pull the Istio charts from a set of known repositories, including the official Istio upstream repository (oci://

Optional. If present, the Gloo agent uses the credentials in the given secrets to log in to the OCI registry to access Istio charts. Similar to ImagePullSecrets, the secrets that you specify in this section must be of type and must exist on all the clusters where you want the Gloo agent to install Istio.

Optional. If true, skip TLS verification when pulling Helm charts from a given OCI repository. Use this setting for testing, quick demos, and exploration purposes only. In production setup, make sure that each node is configured to trust the certificate that is presented by the chart OCI registry.