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Field Type Label Description
name string A unique identifier for the given Istio installation
istioOperatorSpec google.protobuf.Struct Specs for the IstioOperators that should be applied. See


The IstioInstallationInstance is a resource that should only be created by the Gloo Mesh relay server for managed relay agents.

Field Type Label Description
controlPlanes [] repeated Set of control plane Istio operators that will be installed first.
gateways [] repeated Set of gateway Istio operators that will be installed after the installations of the control planes are healthy.
istioInstallationRetries int32 Number of times to retry if this IstioInstallation fails. Leave unset to disable retries.
trustDomain string [Optional] The trust domain value that should be set for this cluster's Istio installations.


Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 The most recent generation observed in the the IstioOperator metadata. If the observedGeneration does not match metadata.generation, Gloo Mesh has not processed the most recent version of this resource.
istioOperators [] repeated Reference for the IstioOperator CRs that are associated with this IstioInstallationInstance.
istioOperatorController Reference for the Istio Operator controller's deployment that is a associated with this IstioInstallationInstance
generatedRevision string The Istio revision generated for the installed Istio resources
state The current state of the IstioInstallationInstance.
message string A human readable message about the current state of the IstioInstallationInstance.
installationAttempts int32 Number of times a failed IstioInstallation was retried.


The state of an IstioInstallationInstance installation.

Name Number Description
PENDING 0 Waiting for resources to be installed.
INSTALLING_CONTROLLER 1 In the process of installing the IstioOperator controller.
CONTROLLER_INSTALLED 2 IstioOperator controller installed successfully.
CONTROLLER_INSTALL_FAILED 3 IstioOperator controller failed to install.
INSTALLING_ISTIO 4 In the process of installing Istio with the IstioOperator CR.
ISTIO_INSTALL_FAILED 5 Istio failed to install with IstioOperator CR.
UPGRADE_PENDING 6 Waiting for resources to be upgraded.
UPGRADING_CONTROLLER 7 In the process of upgrading the IstioOperator controller.
CONTROLLER_UPGRADED 8 IstioOperator controller upgraded successfully.
CONTROLLER_UPGRADE_FAILED 9 IstioOperator controller failed to upgrade.
UPGRADING_ISTIO 10 In the process of upgrading Istio with the IstioOperator CR.
ISTIO_UPGRADE_FAILED 11 Istio failed to upgrade with IstioOperator CR.
ACTION_REQUIRED 12 Manual action is needed for upgrading Istio.
HEALTHY 13 All Istio components are successfully installed and healthy.
UNHEALTHY 14 The Istio installation is no longer healthy.