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The IstioInstallation API and its associated features are undergoing development so this API is not currently supported.

Field Type Label Description
clusterNames []string repeated The clusters where the IstioOperators should be installed.
istioOperatorSpec google.protobuf.Struct Spec for the IstioOperator that should be applied See
istioInstallationRetries int32 Number of times to retry if this IstioInstallation fails. Leave unset to disable retries.


Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 The most recent generation observed in the the IstioInstallation metadata. If the observedGeneration does not match metadata.generation, Gloo Mesh has not processed the most recent version of this resource.
state The current state of the IstioOperator.
message string A human readable message about the current state of the IstioInstallation.
istioOperatorStatuses [] repeated The status of each IstioOperator that should be installed by Gloo Mesh, where the key is the concatenation of the cluster, name, and namespace for the created IstioInstallationInstance and the value is the installation's status.


Field Type Label Description
key string


The state of the IstioInstallation.

Name Number Description
PENDING 0 Waiting for the Istio installation to be processed.
ACCEPTED 1 Finished processing the Istio installation successfully.
FAILED 2 Failed while processing the Istio installation parameters.