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XdsConfigs are used to issue xDS Configuration Resources to running Envoy instances. They are created by Gloo Mesh for processing by an agent running on managed clusters.
The agent will serve the specified xDS configuration resources on its grpc-xds port (default 9977) to the Envoy instances (nodes) defined in the XDSConfigSpec.
This feature is currently only available in Gloo Mesh Enterprise.

Field Type Label Description
workloads []core.skv2.solo.io.ObjectRef repeated The Workloads that will receive this xDS Configuration.
types []internal.gloo.solo.io.XdsConfigSpec.TypedResources repeated The xDS resources to serve to the nodes. Mapped by type URL.


A single named resource.

Field Type Label Description
name string Name of the resource as referenced by xDS.
compressedData bytes Stored as compressed, base-64 encoded raw bytes.


A set of resources of a single type (typeURL).

Field Type Label Description
typeUrl string The type URL of the resources in the given set.
resources []internal.gloo.solo.io.XdsConfigSpec.Resource repeated Stored as compressed, base-64 encoded raw bytes.


The XdsConfig status is written by the CertificateRequesting agent.

Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 The most recent generation observed in the the XdsConfig metadata. If the observedGeneration does not match metadata.generation, the Gloo Mesh agent has not processed the most recent version of this XdsConfig.
error string Any error observed which prevented the XdsConfig from being processed. If the error is empty, the request has been processed successfully.