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A Mesh is an internal representation of a service mesh control plane deployment.

Field Type Label Description
installation Describes the Istio control plane deployment.
trustDomain string The Istio trust domain used for https/spiffe identity. If empty will default to “cluster.local”.
istiodServiceAccount string The istiod service account which determines identity for the Istio CA cert.
discoveryNamespaces []string repeated The list of namespaces that are part of the mesh, which is computed based on the discovery selectors defined in the Istio Mesh Config. And empty value implies that the Istio control place processes resources from all namespaces.
smartDnsProxyingEnabled bool True if smart DNS proxying is enabled, which allows for arbitrary DNS domains.
rootNamespace string Root Namespace as specified in the Istio Mesh Config. This namespace will be treated as the home for all root Istio config.
agentInfo Describes the Gloo Mesh agent if it has been installed to the managed cluster.


Describes the Gloo Mesh agent which may be installed to the managed cluster containing the mesh control plane.

Field Type Label Description
namespace string The namespace in which the Gloo Mesh agent is installed.


Field Type Label Description
namespace string Namespace in which the control plane has been installed.
cluster string The Gloo Mesh cluster in which the control plane has been installed.
podLabels [] repeated The labels on the control plane pods (read from the deployment).
version string The version of the Mesh that has been installed, which is determined using the image tag on the mesh's primary control plane image (e.g. the istio-pilot image tag).
revision string The revision of the Istio control plane that has been installed.


Field Type Label Description
key string
value string


Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 The observed generation of the Mesh. When this matches the Mesh's metadata.generation, it indicates that Gloo Mesh has processed the latest version of the Mesh.