Package : xds.core.v3



Table of Contents


Field Type Label Description
locator xds.core.v3.ResourceLocator A resource locator describing how the member resource is to be located.
inlineEntry xds.core.v3.CollectionEntry.InlineEntry The resource is inlined in the list collection.


Field Type Label Description
name string Optional name to describe the inlined resource. Resource names must [a-zA-Z0-9_-./]+ (TODO(htuch): turn this into a PGV constraint once finalized, probably should be a RFC3986 pchar). This name allows reference via the #entry directive in ResourceLocator.
version string The resource's logical version. It is illegal to have the same named xDS resource name at a given version with different resource payloads.
resource google.protobuf.Any The resource payload, including type URL.