Proto: connection_policy.proto




ConnectionPolicy provides settings to apply low-level settings on selected TCP connections.

Field Description
applyToDestinations (repeated

select the destinations where the policy will be applied. If left empty, this will apply to all destinations in the workspace.
config (ConnectionPolicySpec.Config)

The details of the low-level network connection settings to apply to the destinations.


Field Description
tcp (ConnectionPolicySpec.Config.TCPConfig)

The low-level TCP connection settings to apply to the destinations selected.
http (ConnectionPolicySpec.Config.HTTPConfig)

The low-level HTTP connection settings to apply to the destination selected.


Field Description
maxRequestsPerConnection (int32)

Maximum number of requests per connection to a backend. Setting this parameter to 1 disables keep alive. Default 0, meaning “unlimited”, up to 2^29.
maxRetries (int32)

Maximum number of retries that can be outstanding to all hosts in a cluster at a given time. Defaults to 2^32-1.
idleTimeout (google.protobuf.Duration)

The idle timeout for upstream connection pool connections. The idle timeout is defined as the period in which there are no active requests. If not set, the default is 1 hour. When the idle timeout is reached, the connection will be closed. If the connection is an HTTP/2 connection a drain sequence will occur prior to closing the connection. Note that request based timeouts mean that HTTP/2 PINGs will not keep the connection alive. Applies to both HTTP1.1 and HTTP2 connections. For more information about the value format, see the Google protocol buffer documentation.


Field Description
tcpKeepalive (

Sets the TCP keep-alive settings to apply to selected destinations.
maxConnections (int32)

Sets the maximum allowed connections to the destination host.
connectTimeout (google.protobuf.Duration)

Sets the TCP connection timeout. It must be greater than or equal to 1ms. For information about the value format, see the Google protocol buffer documentation.


Reflects the status of the ConnectionPolicy.

Field Description
global (

workspaces (repeated ConnectionPolicyStatus.WorkspacesEntry)

The status of the resource in each workspace that it exists in.
selectedDestiantionPorts (repeated

Destination ports selected by the policy


Field Description
key (string)

value (