meshctl install

meshctl install

Install Gloo Mesh


Install the Gloo Mesh management plan to a Kubernetes cluster.

Go to to learn more about the difference between the editions.


      --chart-file string          Path to a local Helm chart for installing Gloo Mesh.
                                   If unset, this command will install Gloo Mesh from the publicly released Helm chart.
      --chart-values-file string   File containing value overrides for the Gloo Mesh Helm chart
      --cluster-domain string      The cluster domain used by the Kubernetes DNS Service in the registered cluster. 
                                   Read more: (default "cluster.local")
      --cluster-name string        Name with which to register the cluster running Gloo Mesh, only applies if --register is also set (default "mgmt.cluster")
  -d, --dry-run                    Output installation manifest
  -h, --help                       help for install
      --kubeconfig string          Path to the kubeconfig from which the management cluster will be accessed
      --kubecontext string         Name of the kubeconfig context to use for the management cluster
      --namespace string           Namespace in which to install Gloo Mesh (default "gloo-mesh")
  -r, --register                   Also register the cluster
      --set stringArray            Extra helm values for the Gloo Mesh chart.
      --version string             Version to install.
                                   Community defaults to meshctl version, enterprise defaults to latest stable

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --verbose   Enable verbose logging