meshctl demo osm init

meshctl demo osm init

Bootstrap an OSM demo with Gloo Mesh


Bootstrap an OSM demo with Gloo Mesh.

Running the Gloo Mesh demo setup locally requires 4 tools to be installed and accessible via your PATH: kubectl >= v1.18.8, kind >= v0.8.1, OSM >= v0.3.0, and docker. We recommend allocating at least 4GB of RAM for Docker.

This command will initialize a local kubernetes cluster using KinD. It will then install all default OSM resources, which include the control-plane, prometheus, grafana, and zipkin. It will also install Gloo Mesh, which includes the discovery, networking, and cert-agent deployments.

meshctl demo osm init [flags]


      --enterprise       Install the enterprise features, requires a license key
  -h, --help             help for init
      --license string   Gloo Mesh Enterprise license key
      --version string   Gloo Mesh version to install.
                         Community defaults to meshctl version, enterprise defaults to latest

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --verbose   Enable verbose logging