meshctl cluster configure

meshctl cluster configure

Configure Kubernetes Clusters registered with Gloo Mesh.


Create a config file with a mapping of clusters to kubeconfig entries.

There are two modes for this - interactive and non-interactive. Each data plane cluster should be configured with a cluster name. Note that if a cluster is both a management and data plane cluster, it will need to be configured twice.

meshctl cluster configure [flags]


 meshctl cluster configure --disable-prompt --kubeconfig ${HOME}/.kube/config --kubecontext cluster1 ## Registers a management plane cluster
 meshctl cluster configure --disable-prompt --cluster-name cluster2 --kubeconfig ${HOME}/.kube/config --kubecontext cluster2 --is-mgmt.cluster=false ## Registers a data plane cluster


      --cluster-name string                                        data plane cluster name (ignored if this is the management cluster)
      --disable-prompt                                             Disable the interactive prompt. Use this to configure the meshctl config file with flags instead.
  -h, --help                                                       help for configure
      --is-mgmt.cluster                                            this is the management cluster (default true)
      --kubeconfig string                                          Path to the kubeconfig from which the cluster will be accessed
      --kubecontext string                                         Name of the kubeconfig context to use for the cluster
  -c, --meshctl-config-file $HOME/.gloo-mesh/meshctl-config.yaml   path to the meshctl config file. defaults to $HOME/.gloo-mesh/meshctl-config.yaml

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --verbose   Enable verbose logging