Package : istio.networking.v1alpha3



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Field Type Label Description
command []string repeated Command to run. Exit status of 0 is treated as live/healthy and non-zero is unhealthy.


Field Type Label Description
name string The header field name
value string The header field value


Field Type Label Description
path string Path to access on the HTTP server.
port uint32 Port on which the endpoint lives.
host string Host name to connect to, defaults to the pod IP. You probably want to set “Host” in httpHeaders instead.
scheme string HTTP or HTTPS, defaults to HTTP
httpHeaders []istio.networking.v1alpha3.HTTPHeader repeated Headers the proxy will pass on to make the request. Allows repeated headers.


Field Type Label Description
initialDelaySeconds int32 Number of seconds after the container has started before readiness probes are initiated.
timeoutSeconds int32 Number of seconds after which the probe times out. Defaults to 1 second. Minimum value is 1 second.
periodSeconds int32 How often (in seconds) to perform the probe. Default to 10 seconds. Minimum value is 1 second.
successThreshold int32 Minimum consecutive successes for the probe to be considered successful after having failed. Defaults to 1 second.
failureThreshold int32 Minimum consecutive failures for the probe to be considered failed after having succeeded. Defaults to 3 seconds.
httpGet istio.networking.v1alpha3.HTTPHealthCheckConfig httpGet is performed to a given endpoint and the status/able to connect determines health.
tcpSocket istio.networking.v1alpha3.TCPHealthCheckConfig Health is determined by if the proxy is able to connect.
exec istio.networking.v1alpha3.ExecHealthCheckConfig Health is determined by how the command that is executed exited.


Field Type Label Description
host string Host to connect to, defaults to localhost
port uint32 Port of host


Field Type Label Description
metadata istio.networking.v1alpha3.WorkloadGroup.ObjectMeta Metadata that will be used for all corresponding WorkloadEntries. User labels for a workload group should be set here in metadata rather than in template.
template istio.networking.v1alpha3.WorkloadEntry Template to be used for the generation of WorkloadEntry resources that belong to this WorkloadGroup. Please note that address and labels fields should not be set in the template, and an empty serviceAccount should default to default. The workload identities (mTLS certificates) will be bootstrapped using the specified service account's token. Workload entries in this group will be in the same namespace as the workload group, and inherit the labels and annotations from the above metadata field.
probe istio.networking.v1alpha3.ReadinessProbe ReadinessProbe describes the configuration the user must provide for healthchecking on their workload. This configuration mirrors K8S in both syntax and logic for the most part.


Field Type Label Description
labels []istio.networking.v1alpha3.WorkloadGroup.ObjectMeta.LabelsEntry repeated Labels to attach
annotations []istio.networking.v1alpha3.WorkloadGroup.ObjectMeta.AnnotationsEntry repeated Annotations to attach


Field Type Label Description
key string
value string


Field Type Label Description
key string
value string