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Describes a record of access logs sourced from a set of workloads and optionally filtered based on request criteria.

Field Type Label Description
workloadSelectors [] repeated Select the workloads to be configured to emit access logs. Leave empty to apply to all workloads managed by Gloo Mesh.
filters [] repeated Configure criteria for determining which access logs will be recorded. The list is disjunctive, a request will be recorded if it matches any filter. Leave empty to emit all access logs.
includedRequestHeaders []string repeated Specify request headers to include in access logs.
includedResponseHeaders []string repeated Specify response headers to include in access logs.
includedResponseTrailers []string repeated Specify response trailers to include in access logs.
includedFilterStateObjects []string repeated Specify filter state objects to include in access logs


Specify criteria for recording access logs. A request must match all specified criteria to be recorded.

Field Type Label Description
statusCodeMatcher Matches against a response status code. Omit to match any status code.
headerMatcher Matches against a request or response header. Omit to match any headers.


Field Type Label Description
observedGeneration int64 The most recent generation observed in the the AccessLogRecord metadata. If the observedGeneration does not match metadata.generation, Gloo Mesh has not processed the most recent version of this resource.
state The state of the overall resource, will only show accepted if it has been successfully applied to all target workloads.
errors []string repeated Any errors encountered during processing. Also reported to any Workloads that this object applies to.
workloads [] repeated references to workloads that this AccessLogRecord applies to