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TransformationPolicy is used to transform HTTP requests and responses matching selected routes. TransformationPolicies are applied at the Route level.

Field Type Label Description
applyToRoutes [] repeated select the routes where the policy will be applied if left empty, will apply to all routes in the workspace.
config The details of the transformation policy to apply to the selected routes.


Field Type Label Description
phase Specify the phase to indicate where this policy should be applied relative to other policies. If no phase is specified, the default will be post AuthZ.
request Transformation to be applied before the request is sent to the upstream service.
response Transform the response received from the upstream service before returning it to the client.


Field Type Label Description
recalculateRoutingDestination bool If the request was transformed such that it would match a different route, recalculate the routing destination (select a new route) based on the transformed content of the request.
injaTemplate envoy.api.v2.filter.http.TransformationTemplate transform HTTP body and headers using Inja templates.


Configure response transformations for a selected route

Field Type Label Description
injaTemplate envoy.api.v2.filter.http.TransformationTemplate transform response body and headers using Inja templates


reflects the status of the TransformationPolicy

Field Type Label Description
workspaces [] repeated The status of the resource in each workspace that it exists in.
selectedRoutes [] repeated Routes selected by the policy


Field Type Label Description
key string