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WAFPolicy is used to set safeguard your services with the functionality of Web ApplicationFirewall WAFPolicies are applied at the Route level.

Field Type Label Description
applyToRoutes []common.gloo.solo.io.RouteSelector repeated select the routes where the policy will be applied if left empty, will apply to all routes in the workspace.
config security.policy.gloo.solo.io.WAFPolicySpec.Config The details of the WAF policy to apply to the selected routes.


Field Type Label Description
disableCoreRuleSet bool Disable the OWASP core rule set from being applied
customRuleSets []envoy.config.filter.http.modsecurity.v2.RuleSet repeated Overwrite the global rules on this route
customInterventionMessage string Custom message to display when an intervention occurs
auditLogging envoy.config.filter.http.modsecurity.v2.AuditLogging This instructs the filter what to do with the transaction's audit log.
requestHeadersOnly bool If set, the body will not be buffered and fed to ModSecurity. Only the headers will. This can help improve performance.
responseHeadersOnly bool


reflects the status of the WAFPolicy

Field Type Label Description
global common.gloo.solo.io.GenericGlobalStatus
workspaces []security.policy.gloo.solo.io.WAFPolicyStatus.WorkspacesEntry repeated The status of the resource in each workspace that it exists in.
selectedRoutes []common.gloo.solo.io.RouteReference repeated Routes selected by the policy


Field Type Label Description
key string
value common.gloo.solo.io.WorkspaceStatus