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RetryTimeoutPolicy is used to add automatic retries and timeouts to requests matching selected routes. RetryTimeoutPolicies are applied at the Route level.

Field Type Label Description
applyToRoutes [] repeated select the routes where the policy will be applied if left empty, will apply to all routes in the workspace.
config The details of the retry/timeout policy to apply to the selected routes.


Field Type Label Description
retries Set a retry policy on requests matched on the selected routes.
requestTimeout google.protobuf.Duration Set a timeout on requests matched on the selected routes.


Specify retries for failed requests.

Field Type Label Description
attempts google.protobuf.Int32Value Number of retries for a given request The interval between retries will be determined automatically (25ms+). When request timeout of the HTTP route or per_try_timeout is configured, the actual number of retries attempted also depends on the specified request timeout and per_try_timeout values. Defaults to 2 retries.
perTryTimeout google.protobuf.Duration Timeout per retry attempt for a given request. Format: 1h/1m/1s/1ms. Must be >= 1ms. Default is same value as request timeout of the HTTP route, which means no timeout.
retryOn string Specifies the conditions under which retry takes place. One or more policies can be specified using a ‘,’ delimited list. If retry_on specifies a valid HTTP status, it will be added to retriable_status_codes retry policy. See the retry policies and gRPC retry policies for more details.
retryRemoteLocalities google.protobuf.BoolValue Flag to specify whether the retries should retry to other localities. Defaults to false. See the retry plugin configuration for more details.


reflects the status of the RetryTimeoutPolicy

Field Type Label Description
workspaces [] repeated The status of the resource in each workspace that it exists in.
selectedRoutes [] repeated Routes selected by the policy


Field Type Label Description
key string