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OutlierDetectionPolicy is used to configure outlier detection on the selected destinations. Specifying this field requires an empty source_selector because it must apply to all traffic. OutlierDetectionPolicies are applied at the Destination level.

Field Type Label Description
applyToDestinations []common.gloo.solo.io.DestinationSelector repeated select the destinations where the policy will be applied if left empty, will apply to all destinations in the workspace.
config resilience.policy.gloo.solo.io.OutlierDetectionPolicySpec.Config The details of the OutlierDetectionPolicy to apply to the selected destinations.


Field Type Label Description
consecutiveErrors uint32 The number of errors before a host is ejected from the connection pool. A default will be used if not set.
interval google.protobuf.Duration The time interval between ejection sweep analysis. Format: 1h/1m/1s/1ms. Must be >= 1ms. A default will be used if not set.
baseEjectionTime google.protobuf.Duration The minimum ejection duration. Format: 1h/1m/1s/1ms. Must be >= 1ms. A default will be used if not set.
maxEjectionPercent uint32 The maximum percentage of hosts that can be ejected from the load balancing pool. At least one host will be ejected regardless of the value. Must be between 0 and 100. A default will be used if not set.


reflects the status of the OutlierDetectionPolicy

Field Type Label Description
global common.gloo.solo.io.GenericGlobalStatus
workspaces []resilience.policy.gloo.solo.io.OutlierDetectionPolicyStatus.WorkspacesEntry repeated The status of the resource in each workspace that it exists in.
selectedDestinationPorts []common.gloo.solo.io.DestinationReference repeated Destination ports selected by the policy


Field Type Label Description
key string
value common.gloo.solo.io.WorkspaceStatus