Package : udpa.annotations



Table of Contents


Field Type Label Description
rename string Rename the field in next version.
oneofPromotion string Add the field to a named oneof in next version. If this already exists, the field will join its siblings under the oneof, otherwise a new oneof will be created with the given name.


Field Type Label Description
moveToPackage string Move all types in the file to another package, this implies changing proto file path.


Field Type Label Description
rename string Rename the message/enum/enum value in next version.

File-level Extensions

Extension Type Base Number Description
enum_migrate MigrateAnnotation .google.protobuf.EnumOptions 171962766
enum_value_migrate MigrateAnnotation .google.protobuf.EnumValueOptions 171962766
field_migrate FieldMigrateAnnotation .google.protobuf.FieldOptions 171962766
file_migrate FileMigrateAnnotation .google.protobuf.FileOptions 171962766
message_migrate MigrateAnnotation .google.protobuf.MessageOptions 171962766