Package : envoy.config.health_checker.advanced_http.v2



Table of Contents


Field Type Label Description
httpHealthCheck envoy.config.core.v3.HealthCheck.HttpHealthCheck Http health check.
responseAssertions envoy.config.health_checker.advanced_http.v2.ResponseAssertions If defined, the response health check rules take precedence over the http status settings defined in http_health_check


Field Type Label Description
path []envoy.config.health_checker.advanced_http.v2.JsonKey.PathSegment repeated The path to retrieve the Value.


Field Type Label Description
key string If specified, use the key to retrieve the value. If the key is not found, the value defaults to empty string.


Field Type Label Description
responseMatchers []envoy.config.health_checker.advanced_http.v2.ResponseMatcher repeated A bunch of match rules, the first match wins out and short-circuits
noMatchHealth envoy.config.health_checker.advanced_http.v2.HealthCheckResult The default health response if none of the response health checks were matches. If omitted, defaults to healthy. Note for devs: we'd probably prefer this default to unhealthy, but since the version of protoc we're on doesn't support optional scalars without an experimental flag, we cannot have the no_match_health field default to unhealthy while the match_health field defaults to healthy.
As such, we offload this defaulting behavior to the control plane. For more reading, see


Field Type Label Description
jsonKey envoy.config.health_checker.advanced_http.v2.JsonKey Configuration to get the json key. Treats the body as raw text if omitted.
ignoreErrorOnParse bool If set to true, Envoy will not throw an exception in case the json body parsing fails.
header string Extract information from headers
body google.protobuf.Empty Extract information from the request/response body
regex string Only strings matching this regular expression will be considered a match. The most simple value for this field is ‘.*', which matches the whole source. The field is required.


Field Type Label Description
responseMatch envoy.config.health_checker.advanced_http.v2.ResponseMatch Defines the parameters to determine a single match
matchHealth envoy.config.health_checker.advanced_http.v2.HealthCheckResult The health response if this response_match is a match. If omitted, defaults to healthy


Name Number Description
healthy 0
degraded 1
unhealthy 2