Package : envoy.config.core.v3



Table of Contents


Field Type Label Description
configSource envoy.config.core.v3.ConfigSource
defaultConfig google.protobuf.Any Optional default configuration to use as the initial configuration if there is a failure to receive the initial extension configuration or if apply_default_config_without_warming flag is set.
applyDefaultConfigWithoutWarming bool Use the default config as the initial configuration without warming and waiting for the first discovery response. Requires the default configuration to be supplied.
typeUrls []string repeated A set of permitted extension type URLs. Extension configuration updates are rejected if they do not match any type URL in the set.


Field Type Label Description
name string The name of an extension. This is not used to select the extension, instead it serves the role of an opaque identifier.
typedConfig google.protobuf.Any The typed config for the extension. The type URL will be used to identify the extension. In the case that the type URL is udpa.type.v1.TypedStruct, the inner type URL of TypedStruct will be utilized. See the :ref:extension configuration overview <config_overview_extension_configuration> for further details.