Proto: cloud_resources.proto




CloudResources are units of functionality that back a referenced CloudProvider resource. These bits of functionality can be referenced in the route table to route to the corresponding backend service.

Field Description
provider (string)

The name of the cloud provider that this configuration references. Must live in the same namespace as the CloudResources.
lambda (repeated LambdaSpec)

The list of lambda functions Gloo Mesh can route to for the AWS provider.


Each Function Spec contains data necessary for Gloo Mesh to invoke those functions:

Field Description
logicalName (string)

The logical name Gloo Mesh should associate with this function. If left empty, it will default to lambda_function_name+qualifier.
lambdaFunctionName (string)

The Name of the Lambda Function as it appears in the AWS Lambda Portal
qualifier (string)

The Qualifier for the Lambda Function. Qualifiers act as a kind of version for Lambda Functions. See for more info.