Default metrics pipeline

When you follow the get started guide, the default metrics pipeline is set up automatically for you.

  1. Check if the Prometheus server is running in your Gloo management cluster.

    kubectl get pods -n gloo-mesh --context $MGMT_CONTEXT | grep prometheus 

    Example output:

    prometheus-server-647b488bb-wxlzh        2/2     Running   0          66m
  2. If no Prometheus server is set up in your management cluster, you can enable the Prometheus server by upgrading your Helm chart with the following command.

       helm upgrade gloo-mgmt gloo-mesh-enterprise/gloo-mesh-enterprise \
       --namespace gloo-mesh \
       --kube-context=${MGMT_CONTEXT} \
       --set prometheus.enabled=true \
       --version ${GLOO_VERSION} \
       --values values-mgmt-plane-env.yaml

  3. Open the Prometheus UI.