Gloo Mesh Gateway

Gloo Mesh Gateway, which is an abstraction of Istio's ingress gateway model, uses an Envoy proxy as the ingress gateway into and out of your multicluster service mesh environment.

Using the Gloo Mesh API helps you simplify your networking setup because you can write advanced configurations one time and apply the same configuration in multiple places and different contexts. For example, you can write a rate limit or authentication policy once. Then, you can apply this policy both to traffic that enters the cluster via Gloo Mesh Gateway (north-south), as well as to traffic across clusters via the Istio service mesh gateway (east-west).

Basic Gateway features are available with a standard Gloo Mesh Enterprise license. To use advanced gateway features, purchase a Gloo Mesh Gateway license. When you install Gloo Mesh, use this gateway license instead of a standard Gloo Mesh Enterprise license. For more information, see the gateway feature license requirements.